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me with daddie during a thunderstorm



me: *suckin dick*

thunder: *makes loud noise*

me: AAH! *hides in daddie’s foreskin*


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Sometimes I’m fraught with emotions because I think about how Louis and Harry literally shaped each other’s personalities. Because when you’re with someone for that long, yeah, the other person influences even the tiniest details about you and you evolve together. BUT WHAT’S…

Anonymous whispered: I really feel that out of the woods was not that bad. Taylor doesn't slate Harry at all, and we are all meant to know the song is about him. I was expecting it to be awful after seeing some of the reactions about how she would be shamed when Harry and Louis are able to come out. But I don't see how that would occur personally, it reads to me as a sad song about bearding, mutually or not and setting someone free. It also to me invoked a feeling of gentle mockery of those who bought into the tbc


C. Relationship, with the lyrics are we in the clear yet. Clear - transparent, so asking how much clearer do we need to be? And the title out of the woods, made me think about the expression not being able to see the wood for the trees. Which quite honestly sums up the core fandom very accurately. Taylor, in my interpretation is asking whether they have done enough so that people can see through this farce yet, can you separate out the wood from the trees ? The truth from the lies ? And that’s c

C what i think she is referencing in the later verses with the I was looking at you and you were looking at me, and the monsters. It’s a very clever, and quite beautiful song. She is a talented lyricist and she hadn’t denigrated Harry at all, regardless of how the media may portray a Taylor song written about Harry. So easy for this to be viewed and therefore Taylor and her role in this saga to be spun positively in the wake of a coming out. Im so interested to hear the other songs now.

I think there are a lot of ways to interpret the song, including as a representation of a PR or bearding relationship. It’s quite clever of her, and as you said, I am MASSIVELY curious to hear the rest of the album. I am hoping/expecting that either the lyrics will be such that the songs are not clearly about Harry AND/OR songs that are about Harry will be capable of being interpreted as being about a PR relationship. Plausible deniability.

Steal My Girl - 4 Days To go [x]

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omg is that louis and harry talking to each other at the backstage of boot camp 

dont talk to me

Yep and in the video you can see Harry has his hands on Louis shoulders.

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New room is lookin cute v messy but cute

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